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When I went for my first consultation regarding an Inman aligner, I was a little skeptical.

I was told the treatment would be fast as I was looking for correction of my upper front teeth only. 2 weeks in, I started noticing a difference, and by the end of 12 weeks, my teeth were completely straight. I am very happy with the results and would recommend the treatment to anyone.

– Camilla C

My dentist at the time kept asking me if I wanted to have a brace to straighten my teeth and make it easier for flossing and cleaning. I had always declined before due to the expense. However, he then referred me to Straight Road Dental Practice for the Inman aligner.

Santosh dealt with the procedure, and he always put my mind at ease because his manner was patient and kind. He explained everything he was doing and why. Within 12 weeks my top teeth are straight and I cannot believe how quickly they changed. The procedure is painless and you very quickly get used to the appliance.

– Samantha T

When my tooth twisted and a considerable gap appeared I was extremely self-conscious and unable to give my usual big smile, which working in Customer Service at the time, was essential. My son was getting married in a matter of weeks and I was dreading the photos so I was referred to an orthodontist for treatment. I am in my 50’s and was unsure how much could be done. All I really hoped for was the gap to be reduced.

How wrong was I. The care and treatment given was outstanding, precision engineering at its absolute finest. The appliance was unobtrusive and effective, easy to wear and remove for eating. My tooth was rotated back to its original position and the gap gone in time for my sons wedding (I was allowed to take the appliance out for the day) and I didn’t stop smiling all day, and this was after only nine weeks. Fantastic! I then needed only three more weeks and it was complete. My teeth are perfectly straight with no gaps!!

I cannot thank you enough Santosh for giving me back my smile. It was so worth it.

– Ann K

It has been a truly un-invasive treatment that has had an outcome far exceeding any of my expectations.

Once you are used to the device it becomes a part of your daily routine. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Inman aligner to anyone with crowding in the front part of their mouths.

– Matthew D

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